Loop Fitness

Brand Identity, Website, Photography
Making fitness easy to understand

We teamed up with Loop Fitness to help them expand to the Chinese market as a recognized Danish fitness chain.

Adapting to a new market

Loop Fitness is a fitness chain focusing on a special circulation concept that will ensure the consumer a balanced full-body workout. We helped Loop Fitness to adapt to the Chinese market and create a user-friendly website that is easily accessible to the Chinese citizen.

Thomas Sylvest - CEO @ Loop Fitness China

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Concept & equipment page
Multi Language

Loop Fitness Denmark is independent of Loop Fitness China and we have therefore made a virtue of developing a website offered in both Chinese and English, but also in Danish. This was a branding strategy that ensures that the brand retains its roots as a well-known Danish identity in the Chinese market.


Loop Fitness China was created for the future, with a focus on a beautiful user experience rendered through photography, meaningful content, interactive design and graphics.